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Authentic Amateur Models

There are so many porn sites who claim their models to be amateurs for the sake of the fantasy. Contrary to what I had believed for a considerable amount of time it’s not lies to deceive us, taking us for fools, it is in fact deliberate in the same way that so many sites claim reality porn when in fact the it’s professional pornstars they use in the scenes.

It’s actually about supplying you with a fantasy such as ‘housewife fucks her neighbour’. There are many people are aroused by such fantasies and the sites act out such fantasies for you, the audience to immerse themselves.

That said, I personally have a very strong attraction to the taboo that is associated with actual amateurs taking their clothes off for the camera. Regular people like you and me who make a living doing a more regular for a living.

This site is one of the very few sites out there who showcase actual authentic amateurs, most of them on a once off basis for whatever reason of their own. If you like that to this Abby Winters discount for up to 53% in savings comes highly recommended.

Oh She’s a Cutie!

I just love how Jenny here is being all shy and innocent, covering her nipples while her entire twat is on full display 😀

She’s got an amazing pair of tits though and she does show them off. She’s just very young and inexperienced and that isn’t a bad thing at all, I am just mentioning why I think she’s not being a complete slut right out the gate. It is actually really cool that she is this way it adds to her show.

She’s definitely an exhibitionist still, I mean you really have to be if you’re going to do this sort of thing and still enjoy it else it will just be sheer torture. She does enjoy the attention and you’d do yourself a favour by not being the average low life trash type to frequent the comments sections.

Compliment her in a respectable and polite way. Nobody says you can’t and shouldn’t flirt, but try and have a little class about it.

Oh yeah and she’s Jenny_taborda by the way and you can catch her live at CamBB.